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 The Italian food and wine excellences are recognized in the world, we are located in the center of Italy and we are expert partners for the search for high quality products



Italy is by far the country with the largest and most diversified wine production in the world. Out of 1300 varieties of wine grapes present in the world, 550 are cultivated in Italy. The climatic conditions, the numerous vines, the geological characteristics and the conformation of the territory make Italy the ideal place for the production of quality wines, sometimes of great value, with very diversified characteristics.




extra virgin olive oil is a historical product that has appeared on the canteens of the whole Mediterranean since ancient times, and today the Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil and in particular the Tuscan, has become a "cult" of the modern interpretation of nutrition aware by being at the top of an ideal pyramid of healthy foods thanks to all the benefits it brings with it.






Balsamic vinegar is a type of typical Italian vinegar which is produced from filtered grape must, cooked and subjected to alcoholic and acetic fermentation at the same time. It has a dark brown color and is very dense and aromatic. Of very ancient origin, it undergoes a complex process and a slow refinement, sometimes even for many years.



  Italian style ARTISAN PASTA

To make the Classic Italian-style Dry Pasta, durum wheat semolina is used, slow processing and bronze drawing which gives the pasta its rough and porous characteristic. In this way we obtain a pasta that absorbs the sauce better and which preserves the typical aroma and taste of the wheat.







Tea is one of the oldest beverages in the world, imported into Europe but with very distant origins. Not everyone knows the true passion behind a simple leaf. It is not just an infusion, but an ancient tradition that is the spokesperson for centuries of history. We will give you the opportunity to discover the pleasure of an excellent and superior quality tea.






Our philosophy is to want to be both the "Scout" and the "Referent" of the customer looking for Italian products, to follow him in the management of his product, minimizing the need for travel, investment, time in product development and order management. The delicate Private Branding operation requires experienced and trusted personnel present in the area.




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